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Hello, everyone. If you want to study Russian language or want to practice it, you are welcome.
I teach the Russian language from the very beginning - elementary (A1) - to higher levels.
During my lessons I'm trying to reach the best balance between grammar, conversation and other aspects of the language. Unlike many other tutors, I minimised the so-called "verbal outrunning" - to practice new grammar you won't get exercises and texts with too many new words and structures that you don't understand yet. My own studying materials are well-balanced.
I won't let you forget about things that we studied months ago, we will keep using previous grammar topics with new ones, words that you learnt before in new topics. New knowledge won't replace the old one, words won't go into the passive memory.
My goal is to help you understand the system of the Russian language, so that you were not limited by phrases that you learn during the lesson, but could make your own sentences, express your thoughts. I practice different ways of making you speak - retelling texts from different perspectives, offering imaginary situaions, asking you many questions to help you understand what you hear and be able to react.
To study grammar and new words, we'll be using my textbook (I will send you the pdf file) that contains examples and exercises I collected and created myself.
We will pay enough attention to grammar, pronunciation, reading and speaking.
I will explain you the way we, Russians, talk in our everyday life, because our foundations and manners differ from foreign ones.

I'm 36 and I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. I've graduated from the University of Architecture and Construction in 2004, but later I took the course "Methods of teaching Russian as foreign language" at the International Centre of Russian language and got a certificate.

I'll be happy to help you learn the Russian language. Feel free to contact me and ask any questions.

I also teach children from 6 from the beginning, but not always and usually lessons are 30 minutes long (the price is lower). If you want your little CHILD to study Russian please CONTACT ME FIRST and we'll discuss everything in advance.

P.S. If you want to book lessons, please, don't book a lesson right after or before another student's lesson, if possible, because usually I need some time to finish the previous lesson and prepare for the next one (just leave a 30 minutes gap). If you cannot do that, please understand that I'll be two minutes late to our lesson or I will have to finish it 2 minutes earlier. Thank you

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International Centre of Russian language
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