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Hello, my name is May! Born in London. I'm a motivated, passionate and enthusiastic teacher. A native speaker of English and I speak with a very clear accent.

I CAN HELP YOU: Improve skills such as: English speaking, pronunciation, presentation.
*Assist you with: IELTS Test (PET FCA CAE). Essay Proofreading, business English, conversation practise, university prep and homework.

*Completed my teacher training at UCL Institute of Education, the number one for teacher training in the world.*

Experienced PGCE/ TESOL Certified professional Teacher. BA Hons in History/ Philosophy.
I have worked in business/ education (office, classroom, tutoring) for several years. I love teaching English!

I am an effective Teacher with the teaching experience and strategies needed and to ensure that all students succeed and fulfil their potential. I can help you improve your IELTS score and have taught many other subjects. I also have experience as a Learning Mentor. I have also gained SEN experience supporting students with Special educational needs. In my previous volunteering post, I ran an English conversation club with another club leader.

I am friendly, patient and understanding. I encourage students to achieve their ambitions by stimulating their enthusiasm for learning and their determination to succeed.
I am a dedicated woman, committed to the success of all of my students.

My lessons are fun, engaging, interesting and interactive. I would like students to be as dedicated to their learning and I can guarantee I am. This is how we will increase the level of knowledge and skills..

All of my classes are made to fit your needs and I will give feedback :)

Currently for classes I focus on:

-Speaking (topic focus, role play, debates)
-Reading (multiple and varied resources)
-Listening (multiple and varied resources)
-Writing and use of English (grammar)
-Business English (dialogue, vocabulary, scenarios, interviews, scheduling emails.
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I have a many hobbies. I enjoy going to the gym and swimming. I like going to places of historical interest, museums and cultural places. I occasionally go to the cinema and watch action packed Marvel films. I like walks to the park and green spaces as I like to feel connected to nature and it is peaceful. I also like to visit family or friends. I use some social media platforms to check out interesting things, the latest news and tech or to look at fun videos and keep in touch with people.g

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2017 - 2019
PGCE Teaching Certificate
UCL - London, England
The Postgraduate Certificate in Education is the UK's official teacher training qualification.
2006 - 2010
BA Bachelor Humanities
University of Hertfordshire - England
History with Philosophy

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2019 - 2020
Chertsey - London
General subject teacher
2017 - 2019
Xavier College - London
History and Philsophy
2016 - 2017
Mentor / Academic Support
CNWL - London
Further Education
2015 - 2016
Teaching Assistant
London - Weald College
History and Literacy


2019 - 2019
New Skills - London
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages