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You: Hey Gary! What kind of lessons do you teach? What should I expect?

Me: First, thanks for messaging me! I'm glad you asked, in addition to entirely conversational based lessons or materials that you choose for me to cover, I teach skills based lessons with the following lesson plan/structure/system:

Time: 20 Minutes
If this is your first lesson, I'll ask you to tell me about yourself and your leaning goals.

If this is not your first lesson, we will review the material we covered in the last lesson and then go over any corrections I sent about the writing assignment we completed during the last lesson.

[Skills - Pronunciation, Grammar, Phrasing, and Spelling]

Time: 10 minutes
*Discussion: We discuss whatever topics you want to discuss. This is your chance to ask a native speaker who lives in the US about US culture, business, and current events.
[Skills: Listening, Improvisation, and Fluency]

Time: 10 minutes
*Reading and writing: An article you or I choose is read by you silently. Any vocabulary that is not understood is explained. You are then asked to write 3-5 sentences about that article. My articles come from I challenge more advanced students to write all 5 sentences. I send sentence corrections within 24 hours and we will review these corrections during review section of the next lesson.
[Skills: Vocabulary Development, Reading, and Writing]

Time 10 minutes
*Reading out loud: First I read sentences or paragraphs (the length depends on your skill) out loud from the article and then you repeat them after me. After that we read sentences or paragraphs from the article at the exact same time in order to intuitively correct pronunciation and intonation.
[Skills: Reading, Listening, Pronunciation, and Accent Reduction]

Time: 9 minutes
Activities: You will have to complete a variety of activities based on the article, including phrase matching, synonym matching, comprehension questions, and choosing the correct prepositions and articles for sentences.
[Skills: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Phrasing, and Vocabulary]

Time: 1 minute
Wrap up
We review what we just went over and then we say goodbye!

This is a fast paced lesson plan, but my lessons can be taught slower if you like. It's all up to you.

If you have any ideas for other styles of lessons, or materials you would like to use, please message me in advance about them and I will consider teaching them in a way that meets your goals.

A little bit about me:
I'm a professional full time ESL teacher. I first started teaching English in 2014 inside a London classroom. Since the start of this year, I have been teaching one on one lessons online and I absolutely love it. I teach children and adults.

Some personal info:
I'm 32, a dual US-UK citizen, and I live near Cocoa Beach in Florida. I I enjoy spending time with my family, my girlfriend, and her 7 year old daughter. We like spending time with our cats, going to Disney World in Orlando, and watching rocket launches.

I'm friendly and open minded to different lifestyles, cultures, and religions. So far, I have taught students of various professions from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

I'm currently learning Mandarin Chinese with a tutor on Verbling. I've studied Spanish at college, though I am not fluent in it.

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2013 - 2014
Master of Arts (incomplete)
Webster University (online) and Regent's University London - London, UK
Focus was on media communications
2014 - 2014
Summer in Spain
Life Experience - Sitges, Barcelona, and Madrid, Spain
While taking online university courses during the summer I left London and lived in Sitges, Spain with a local resident. I helped her with her English and I also visited other friends in Barcelona and Madrid and helped them with their English while I toured the Plaça de Catalunya and El Escorial
2011 - 2012
Bachelor of Applied Science
University of Central Florida - Orlando, Florida
I majored in the applied sciences of supervision and administration

briefcaseخبرة العمل

Online English Instructor
EF Education First - Online-China
Certified and teaching English as a foreign language to students ages 5-12
2017 - 2019
Guest Specialist and Team Lead
TTEC and - Florida
Worked as a guest specialist at responding to issues regarding reservations, also I had a team of 22 agents when I was promoted. Worked with an international-multilingual team around the world to help guests while based at a call center with Spanish and Portuguese speakers
2014 - 2014
Teaching English as a Second Language Instructor - Seasonal
Netherhall Education Association - Hampstead, London, UK
Taught 11 students from Quito, Ecuador in a classroom setting, I also helped lead them on tours to Windsor Castle, Westminster, Oxford University, and Cambridge University


2017 - 2017
Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners
TEFL Fullcircle - Online (London based company)
40 hour certificate, part of a 160 hour TEFL program, accredited through ACCREDITAT UK, see here
2017 - 2017
Advanced Certificate in Teaching as a Foreign Language
TEFL Fullcircle - Online (London based company)
120 Hour Certificate, part of a 160 Hour TEFL Program, accredited through ACCREDITAT UK, see here