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Hi Verbling community! My name is Amanda and I am currently in school to become a teacher. I was born, raised, and still live in Canada. I am a native English speaker with a family heritage and background of Italian and French Canadian. My style of teaching language is very interactive and practical! I believe the best way to learn a language is to USE IT! In lessons with me, we will explore topics that interest you through reading news articles, watching videos, listening to music, writing, and of course through oral discussions. Grammar and vocabulary are also very important when learning a language so lessons will incorporate elements of these in an informal way. I am also a language learner, currently working on mastering French, and am teaching myself Italian and Spanish. I know the frustrations and difficulties that come with learning a language. I hope to help you get over these challenges and become more comfortable using English in your everyday life!

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2020 - 2020
Supporting English Language Learners
Ontario Ministry of Education - Online
This professional development course focused on strategies and Ontario policies to support English language learners in the classroom.
2019 - 0
Bachelor of Education
Nipissing University - Ontario
Throughout my degree we have courses such as "Special Education Topics" that focus on supporting students with exceptional needs, such as English Language Learners in the classroom. We also have required professional development days where we receive training from industry professionals on topics such as ESL, teaching minority groups, and universal design for learning that meets needs of all students. Throughout the degree we also must include in our lesson plans special considerations and modifications to be made for English Language Learners.

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Teaching Practice - Teacher Candidate
Nipissing University - Ontario
As part of my Bachelor of Education degree, we are required to complete 400 hours of teaching practice in an Ontario school setting. To date, I have completed 150 hours of teaching in the elementary setting where I have had a handful of ESL students and a few students who newly arrived in Canada. In my role of teacher candidate I needed to create a classroom environment, plan, and teach lessons in ways to support these students in their learning of the English language and general classroom learning. I have uploaded my supervising teachers final report on my teaching this year.
2018 - 2019
Food Resources and Education for Student Health (FRESH)
Western University - Ontario
This volunteer experience involved instructing students at Western University on cooking techniques, Canadian government policies and recommendations surrounding food and health, as well as general health and nutrition tips. On a number of occasions, it was my role to interact and instruct international and exchange students, many of whom were English language learners, on English food and health terminology, as well as, Canadian food and culture .
2014 - 2018
Self-Employed Tutor