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Words Beginning With 'Black-' in the English Language

منذ شهر واحد
Many English words begin with 'black-'. Here are some of them:

  • blackguard - someone who behaves without honour
  • blacklist - a list of people or things that are regarded as unacceptable or untrustworthy
  • blackmail - to demand payment from someone in return for not revealing damaging information about them
  • blackball - to reject someone's application
  • blacken - to damage someone's reputation
  • blackleg - a person who continues working when fellow workers are on strike
  • blackout - a temporary loss of consciousness
All of these words are somehow negative. Of course, many 'black-' words and terms are neutral, because they simply refer to the colour. However, the only positive 'black-' term that I can think of is 'in the black' - i.e. when a person or a company has money in their bank account.

Why do you think this might be?