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Verbling Not Working on IOS platform for Iphone

24 days ago
Hi, I have uploaded the IOS 14 update to try and remedy this problem of the Verbling App not opening. That didn't help. I tried all of the suggested tech fixes (delete and reload app, use wifi, phone fully charged , all other apps closed) and none of them have worked. The Verbling App simply disappears when I tap on it. I also cannot log into the App from the iphone Safari or Google search engines either. The Sign In is greyed out so it's impossible to send a message for troubleshooting. I tried deleting web history and cookies and reloading and the cookies are turned off so that cookies are not blocked on my iphone. Again the sign on after putting in username and password were still greyed out. The webpage is working fine from my laptop and I can sign-in from here. Sooooooo what is wrong ??? Please assist!